Alexei Kitaev

Alexei Kitaev

Ronald and Maxine Linde Professor of Theoretical Physics and Mathematics

Degrees and Appointments

Dipl., Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, 1986; Ph.D., Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, 1989. Visiting Associate, Caltech, 1998-99; Lecturer, 1998-99; Senior Research Associate, 2001-02; Professor, 2002-13; Linde Professor, 2013-.

Research Overview

Professor Kitaev works in the field of quantum computation and related areas of theoretical physics. His main contribution was the concept of topological quantum computation, a scheme where quantum information is protected from errors due to special properties of the underlying physical system, which are generally related to topology. He currently focuses on topological classification of quantum phases (a nontrivial example being the 2-dimensional electron liquid in the quantum Hall regime).

List of Research Areas

quantum computation, topological quantum phases, anyons, topological insulators and superconductors

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