Contact Us

For general inquiries about CMS, please call (626) 395-4560, or email For more specific requests, contact one of the following persons accordingly:

Executive Officer

Adam Wierman
(626) 395-6569

Department Administrator, Department of Computing and Mathematical Sciences

Roberta Carvalho
(626) 395-6251

Graduate Options Adminstrator

Maria Lopez
(626) 395-3034

Undergraduate Options Adminstrator

Carmen Nemer-Sirois
(626) 395-4561

Outreach Director

Claire Ralph
(626) 395-8711

Engineering Librarian

George Porter
(626) 395-3409

CMS Undergrad, Grad, and Partners Program Advisory Councils
The CMS Undergrad, Grad, and Partners Program Advisory Councils serve as liaisons between the department’s administration and the student community. The members help to voice concerns, gather feedback about how to improve the student experience in CMS, and implement new initiatives to help to strengthen the feeling of community in the department. CMS students are encouraged to reach out to Council members with comments/suggestions/ideas for the department.

CMS Undergrad Council

Logan Apple

Alex Corado

Nikhil Krishnan

Vaishnavi Shrivastava

Connor Soohoo

Xiaotian (Jim) Zhang

Michelle Zhao

CMS Grad Council

Ameera Abdelaziz

Thomas Anderson

Sara Beery

Ellen Feldman

Dimitar Ho

De Huang

Hsin Yuan (Robert) Huang

Jing Shuang (Lisa) Li

Jialin Song

CMS Partners Program Council

Anne Chen

Joshua Chen

Nicole Feng

Tanvi Gupta

Ryan Han

Hanmin Qian

Vibha Vijayakumar

Eric Zhao

EAS Grad Council

Sara Beery

Josh Brake (EE)

Kenny Buyco (CE)

Chandru Dhandapani (GALCIT)

Natalie Higgins (ME)

Andrew Robbins (MS)

Fariborz Salehi (EE)

Armeen Taeb (EE)

Joeson Wong (APh)

Juba Ziani (CMS)

Administrative Assistants to Faculty

Faculty Contact Phone Email
Prof. Abu-Mostafa Lucinda Acosta (626) 395-4843
Prof. Ames Mikaela K. Laite (626) 395-4128
Prof. Anandkumar Zelda Wong (626) 395-2464
Prof. Barr Louise Foucher (626) 395-2246
Prof. Beck Diana Bohler (626) 395-1768
Prof. Bouman Diane Goodfellow (626) 395-6842
Prof. Bruno Diana Bohler (626) 395-1768
Prof. Burdick Sonya Lincoln (626) 395-3385
Prof. Chandrasekaran Jolene Brink (626) 395-2813
Prof. Chandy Diane Goodfellow (626) 395-6842
Prof. Cohen Sheila Shull (626) 395-4560
Prof. Desbrun Sheila Shull (626) 395-4560
Prof. Doyle Monica Nolasco (626) 395-4140
Prof. Hou Diana Bohler (626) 395-1768
Prof. Low Christine Ortega (626) 395-2076
Prof. Martin Diane Goodfellow (626) 395-6842
Prof. Mead Donna Fox (626) 395-2812
Prof. Meiron Denise Ruiz (626) 395-4426
Prof. Murray Monica Nolasco (626) 395-4140
Prof. Owhadi Diana Bohler (626) 395-1768
Prof. Pachter Lisa Sledd (626) 395-8085
Prof. Pierce Melinda A. Kirk (626) 395-8834
Prof. Schroeder Linda J. Taddeo (626) 395-6704
Prof. Schulman Linda J. Taddeo (626) 395-6704
Prof. Stuart Jolene Brink (626) 395-2813
Prof. Tropp Jolene Brink (626) 395-2813
Prof. Umans Diane Goodfellow (626) 395-6842
Prof. Vidick Bonnie J. Leung (626) 395-4964
Prof. Wierman - - -
Prof. Winfree Lucinda Acosta (626) 395-4843
Prof. Yue Zelda Wong (626) 395-2464

Anonymous Feedback

If you have comments / questions that you would like to submit anonymously, we want to hear from you! Please contact us at: