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Thesis Option Name Title Advisor
PhD CDS Folkestad, Carl A. A. Koopman-based Learning and Control of Agile Robotic Systems Burdick
PhD CMS Zhan, Eric New Algorithms for Programmatic Deep Learning with Applications to Behavior Modeling Yue
PhD ACM Anderson, Thomas Geoffrey Hybrid Frequency-Time Analysis and Numerical Methods for Time-Dependent Wave Propagation Bruno
PhD CMS Azizan Ruhi, Navid Large-Scale Intelligent Systems: From Network Dynamics to Optimization Algorithms Wierman, Hassibi
PhD MS Buabthong, Pakpoom (Pai) Stability and Protective Coatings of Semiconductor Electrodes for Solar Fuel Devices Lewis
PhD CDS Cai, Karena Xin Safe and Interpretable Autonomous Systems Design: Behavioral Contracts and Semantic-Based Perception Murray, Chung
PhD AM Karapiperis, Konstantinos Multiscale, Data-Driven and Nonlocal Modeling of Granular Materials Andrade
PhD CE Kusanovic, Danilo Smiljan Improving Reduced Order Models of Soil-Structure Interaction Using an Ensemble Kalman Inversion Finite Element Model Updating Framework Asimaki
PhD CS London, Palma Alise den Nijs Frameworks for High Dimensional Convex Optimization Wierman
PhD CMS Murray, Riley John Applications of Convex Analysis to Signomial and Polynomial Nonnegativity Problems Chandrasekaran, Wierman
PhD CDS Novoseller, Ellen Rachel Online Learning from Human Feedback with Applications to Exoskeleton Gait Optimization Burdick, Yue
PhD MCE Phan-Minh, Tung Contract-Based Design: Theories and Applications Murray
PhD CDS Ren, Xinying (Cindy) Principles for Designing Robust and Stable Synthetic Microbial Consortia Murray
PhD EE Salehi, Fariborz Structured Signal Recovery from Nonlinear Measurements with Applications in Phase Retrieval and Linear Classification Hassibi
PhD ACM Schäfer, Florian Tobias Inference, Computation, and Games Owhadi
PhD CMS Song, Jialin Learning to Optimize: from Theory to Practice Yue
PhD CMS Su, Yu Optimizing Cloud AI Platforms: Resource Allocation and Market Design Wierman
PhD MCE Teh, Ying Shi Understanding Imperfections and Instabilities in Crystals via Physics-Based and Data-Driven Models Bhattacharya
PhD EE Teke, Oguzhan Signals on Networks: Random Asynchronous and Multirate Processing, and Uncertainty Principles Vaidyanathan
PhD MCE Yu, Ke Multi-resolution Lattice Green's Function Method for High Reynolds Number External Flows Colonius
PhD CMS Coladangelo, Andrea Wei Quantum Correlations, Certifying Quantum Devices, and the Quest for Infinite Entanglement Vidick
PhD CMS Cvitkovic, Michael William (Milan0 Deep Learning in Unconventional Domains Vidick
PhD CMS Dathathri, Sumanth Scalable Synthesis and Verification: Towards Reliable Autonomy Murray
PhD ACM Fernandez-Lado, Agustin Gabriel Wave-Scattering by Periodic Media Bruno
PhD Ae García Suárez, Antonio Joaquín Application of Path-Independent Integrals to Soil-Structure Interaction Asimaki
PhD ACM Garza Gonzalez, Emmanuel Boundary Integral Equation Methods for Simulation and Design of Photonic Devices Bruno
PhD ACM Huang, De Positive Definite Matrices: Compression, Decomposition, Eigensolver, and Concentration Hou
PhD CMS Le, Hoang Minh New Frameworks for Structured Policy Learning Yue
PhD AM Li, Liuchi Linking Micro-Structure to Macro-Behavior of Granular Matter: From Flowing Heterogeneously to Morphing Adaptively Andrade
PhD CS Ronchi, Matteo Ruggero Vision for Social Robots: Human Perception and Pose Estimation Perona
PhD APh Shen, Yang Phonon Anharmonicity at the Limits of Perturbation Theory Fultz
PhD APh Tokpanov, Yury Towards Next Generation of Optoelectronics: from Quantum Plasmonics and 2D Materials to Advanced Optimization Techniques of Nanophotonic Devices Atwater
PhD ACM Budninskiy, Maxim A. Geometry-Driven Model Reduction Desbrun
PhD CDS Filippidis, Ioannis Decomposing Formal Specifications Into Assume-Guarantee Contracts for Hierarchical System Design Murray
PhD CDS Fu, Zhongzheng Representations of Action Monitoring and Cognitive Control by Single Neurons in the Human Brain Adolphs, Rutishauser
PhD MCE Georgiev, Nikola-Zlatkov Towards High Performance Robotic Actuation Burdick
PhD CMS Guo, Linqi Impact of Transmission Network Topology on Electrical Power Systems Low
PhD CDS Nakahira, Yorie Connecting the Speed-Accuracy Trade-Offs in Sensorimotor Control and Neurophysiology Reveals Diversity Sweet Spots in Layered Control Architectures Doyle
PhD CDS Olsman, Noah Andrew Architecture, Design, and Tradeoffs in Biomolecular Feedback Systems Goentoro, Doyle
PhD CMS Pang, John Zhen Fu Online Platforms in Networked Markets: Transparency, Anticipation and Demand Management Wierman
PhD CDS Shan, Kevin Qing Sparse Deconvolution with Applications to Spike Sorting Siapas
PhD ACM Soh, Yong Sheng Fitting Convex Sets to Data: Algorithms and Applications Chandrasekaran
PhD CS Van Horn, Grant Richard Towards a Visipedia: Combining Computer Vision and Communities of Experts Perona
PhD CS Ziani, Juba Data: Implications for Markets and for Society Ligett, Wierman
PhD CDS Baetica, Ania-Ariadna Design, Analysis, And Computational Methods For Engineering Synthetic Biological Networks Murray
PhD Ae Braun, Noah Oakley An LES and RANS Study of the Canonical Shock-Turbulence Interaction Pullin, Meiron
PhD CE Buyco, John Kenneth Improving Seismic Collapse Risk Assessments of Steel Moment Frame Buildings Heaton
PhD CS Chen, Niangjun Online Algorithms: From Prediction to Decision Wierman, Low
PhD MS Jiang, Jingjing Interfacial and Stability Studies of Photocathodes for Hydrogen Evolution Lewis
PhD CDS Leong, Yoke Peng Optimal Controller Synthesis for Nonlinear Systems Burdick, Doyle
PhD CDS Maguire, Shaun Cohn The Spectral Theory of Multiboundary Wormholes Preskill
PhD CS Ren, Xiaoqi Optimizing Resource Management in Cloud Analytics Services Wierman
PhD CDS Swaminathan, Anandh Application, Computation, and Theory for Synthetic Gene Circuits Murray
PhD CE Yin, Lucy Reducing Latencies in Earthquake Early Warning Heaton
PhD MS Zhou, Xinghao Performance and Stability Optimization of Solar Fuel Devices Lewis
PhD ACM Bruer, John Jacob Recovering Structured Low-rank Operators Using Nuclear Norms Tropp
PhD ACM Catanach, Thomas Anthony Computational Methods for Bayesian Inference in Complex Systems Beck
PhD ACM Chen, Yuhua Richard Concentration Inequalities of Random Matrices and Solving Ptychography with a Convex Relaxation Tropp
PhD ACM Chern, Albert Ren-Haur Fluid Dynamics with Incompressible Schrödinger Flow Schroeder
PhD CMS Cummings, Rachel Autumn Dixon The Implications of Privacy-Aware Choice Ligett
PhD CS Eyjolfsdottir, Eyrun-Arna Computational Methods for Behavior Analysis Perona
PhD CS Guo, Zeyu P-Schemes and Deterministic Polynomial Factoring Over Finite Fields Umans
PhD ACM Liu, Pengfei Spatial Profiles in the Singular Solutions of the 3D Euler Equations and Simplified Models Hou
MS CS London, Palma Alise den Nijs Distributed Optimization and Data Market Design Wierman
PhD ACM Pérez Arancibia, Carlos Andrés Windowed Integral Equation Methods for Problems of Scattering by Defects and Obstacles in Layered Media Bruno
PhD CNS Sui, Yanan Online Learning for the Control of Human Standing via Spinal Cord Stimulation Burdick
PhD CDS Wang, Yuh-Shyang A System Level Approach to Optimal Controller Design for Large-Scale Distributed Systems Doyle
PhD ACM Zhang, Pengchuan Compressing Positive Semidefinite Operators with Sparse/Localized Bases Hou
MS CS Ziani, Juba Efficiently Characterizing Games Consistent with Perturbed Equilibrium Observations Ligett, Chandrasekaran
PhD ACM Akhmetgaliyev, Eldar Fast Numerical Methods for Mixed, Singular Helmholtz Boundary Value Problems and Laplace Eigenvalue Problems - with Applications to Antenna Design, Sloshing, Electromagnetic Scattering and Spectral Geometry Bruno
MS CDS Cruz, Gerardo Economic Fluctuations and Capitalistic Production: A Case Study in Robustness Constraints Doyle, Murray
PhD CDS Jonsson, Vanessa Danielle Robust Control of Evolutionary Dynamics Murray, Baltimore
PhD CDS Livingston, Scott Carlton Incremental Control Synthesis for Robotics in the Presence of Temporal Logic Specifications Murray
PhD CDS Matni, Nikolai Distributed Optimal Control of Cyber-Physical Systems: Controller Synthesis, Architecture Design and System Identification Doyle
MS CS Mehta, Jenish C. Behavior of O(log n) Local Commuting Hamiltonians Vidick, Schulman
PhD CDS Papusha, Ivan Igorevych Robustness, Adaptation, and Learning in Optimal Control Murray
PhD CDS Yeung, Enoch Ho-Yee Reverse Engineering and Quantifying Context Effects in Synthetic Gene Networks Murray
PhD CDS You, Seungil A Direct Approach to Robustness Optimization Doyle
MS CS Agarwal, Anish A Model For Residential Adoption of Photovoltaic Systems Chandy
PhD ACM Cubillos-Moraga, Max Anton General-Domain Compressible Navier-Stokes Solvers Exhibiting QuasiUnconditional Stability and High Order Accuracy in Space and Time Bruno
PhD EE Gan, Lingwen Distributed Load Control in Multiphase Radial Networks Low
PhD EE Kang, Dongyang MEMS for Diabetic Retinopathy Tai
PhD ACM Mason, Gemma Ellen Full and Model-Reduced Structure-Preserving Simulation of Incompressible Fluids Desbrun
MS CS Ren, Xiaoqi Speculation-Aware Resource Allocation for Cluster Schedulers Wierman
PhD APh Zhai, Xiang Experimental, Numerical and Analytical Studies of the MHD-Driven Plasma Jet, Instabilities and Waves Bellan
PhD ACM Ahn, Hyoung Jun Random Propagation in Complex Systems: Nonlinear Matrix Recursions and Epidemic Spread Hassibi
PhD ACM Amlani, Faisal A New High-Order Fourier Continuation-Based Elasticity Solver for Complex Three-Dimensional Geometries Bruno
MS CS Chang, Xiaofei Resetting Asynchronous QDI Systems Martin
MS CS Chen, Niangjun Model Predictive Control for Deferrable Loads Scheduling Wierman, Low
PhD ACM Ci, Maolin Multiscale Model Reduction Methods for Deterministic and Stochastic Partial Differential Equations Hou
MS CS Eyjolfsdottir, Eyrun Arna Detecting Actions of Fruit Flies Perona
MS CS Faulkner, Matthew Nicholas Selective Data Gathering in Community Sensor Networks Heaton, Krause, Chandy
PhD CS Faulkner, Matthew Nicholas Community Sense and Response Systems Krause, Chandy, Heaton
PhD CS Fefferman, William Jason The Power of Quantum Fourier Sampling Umans, Kitaev
PhD CS Ferrari de Goes, Fernando Geometric Discretization through Primal-Dual Meshes Desbrun
PhD CS Florian, Mihai Analysis-Aware Design of Embedded Systems Software Holzmann
MS CS Guo, Zeyu Randomness-Efficient Curve Sampling Umans
PhD CDS Horowitz, Matanya Benasher Efficient Methods for Stochastic Optimal Control Burdick
PhD CS Keller, Sean Jason Robust Near-Threshold QDI Circuit Analysis and Design Martin
PhD CS Liu, Zhenhua Sustainable IT and IT for Sustainability Wierman, Low
PhD CS Olson, Michael James Cloud Computing Services for Seismic Networks Chandy
PhD ACM Sanan, Patrick David Geometric Elasticity for Graphics, Simulation, and Computation Schroeder
PhD CDS Sharan, Rangoli Formal Methods for Control Synthesis in Partially Observed Environments: Application to Autonomous Robotic Manipulation Burdick
PhD ACM Tavallali, Peyman Sparse Time-Frequency Data Analysis: A Multi-Scale Approach Hou
PhD ACM Tyranowski, Tomasz Michal Geometric Integration Applied to Moving Mesh Methods and Degenerate Lagrangians Marsden, Desbrun
PhD CDS van Breugel, Floris Complex Behavior and Perception in Drosophila Emerges from Iterative Feedback-Regulated Reflexes Dickinson
PhD CDS Wolff, Eric McKenzie Control of Dynamical Systems with Temporal Logic Specifications Murray
PhD CDS Censi, Andrea Bootstrapping Vehicles: A Formal Approach to Unsupervised Sensorimotor Learning Based on Invariance Murray
PhD ACM Cheng, Mulin Adaptive Methods Exploring Intrinsic Sparse Structures of Stochastic Partial Differential Equations Hou
PhD CS Crane, Keenan Michael Conformal Geometry Processing Schroeder, Desbrun
PhD CS DeLorimier, Michael John GRAph Parallel Actor Language: A Programming Language for Parallel Graph Algorithms DeHon, Desbrun
PhD ACM Elling, Timothy James GPU-Accelerated Fourier-Continuation Solvers and Physically Exact Computational Boundary Conditions for Wave Scattering Problems Bruno
PhD ACM Gittens, Alex A. Topics in Randomized Numerical Linear Algebra Tropp
PhD CS Gopalakrishnan, Ragavendran Characterizing Distribution Rules for Cost Sharing Games Wierman
PhD CDS Li, Na (Lina) Distributed Optimization in Power Networks and General Multi-agent Systems Doyle, Low
PhD CS Lin, Minghong Algorithmic Challenges in Green Data Centers Wierman
PhD CS Liu, Annie Hsin-Wen Sensor Networks for Geospatial Event Detection - Theory and Applications Chandy
PhD ACM McCoy, Michael Brian A Geometric Analysis of Convex Demixing Tropp
PhD CS Mehta, Nikil An Ultra-Low-Energy, Variation-Tolerant FPGA Architecture Using Component-Specific Mapping DeHon
MS CS Mou, Judy Situation Awareness Application Chandy, Bunn
PhD CDS O'Farrell, Clara A Dynamical Systems Analysis of Vortex Pinch-Off Dabiri
PhD CS Schaeffer, Joseph Malcolm Stochastic Simulation of the Kinetics of Multiple Interacting Nucleic Acid Strands Winfree
PhD CDS Sojoudi, Somayeh Mathematical Study of Complex Networks: Brain, Internet, and Power Grid Doyle
PhD ACM Stobbe, Peter Convex Analysis for Minimizing and Learning Submodular Set Functions Krause
PhD CDS Trautman, Peter Robot Navigation in Dense Crowds: Statistical Models and Experimental Studies of Human Robot Cooperation Murray, Krause, Burdick
PhD CE Cho, In Ho Virtual Earthquake Engineering Laboratory with Physics-Based Degrading Materials on Parallel Computers Hall
PhD CDS Franco, Elisa Analysis, Design, and in vitro Implementation of Robust Biochemical Networks Murray, Winfree
PhD ACM Hu, Xin Multiscale Modeling and Computation of 3D Incompressible Turbulent Flows Hou
PhD ACM Huang, Jinghao Discrete Differential Form Subdivision and Vector Field Generation over Volumetric Domain Schroeder
MS CS Hurwitz, Jeremy Scott A Nearly-Quadratic Gap Between Adaptive and Non-Adaptive Property Testers Umans, Schulman
PhD Ae Inoue, Michio Large-Eddy Simulation of the Flat-Plate Turbulent Boundary Layer at High Reynolds Numbers Pullin
PhD CDS Jacobs, Henry Ochi Geometric Descriptions of Couplings in Fluids and Circuits Desbrun
MS CS Lee, Euiwoong Clustering Affine Subspaces: Algorithms and Hardness Schulman
PhD ACM Lintner, Stéphane Karl High-Order Integral Equation Methods for Diffraction Problems Involving Screens and Apertures Bruno
PhD CS Mullen, Patrick Gary Eulerian Geometric Discretizations of Manifolds and Dynamics Desbrun
MS CS Olson, Michael James Cloud Computing for Citizen Science Chandy
MS CS Schaeffer, Joseph Malcolm The Multistrand Simulator: Stochastic Simulation of the Kinetics of Multiple Interacting DNA Strands Winfree
MS CS Shin, Seung Woo Compiling and Verifying DNA-Based Chemical Reaction Network Implementations Winfree
PhD ACM Becker, Stephen R. Practical Compressed Sensing: Modern Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Candes
PhD ACM Beni, Catherine Elizabeth Simulation Capabilities for Challenging Medical Imaging and Treatment Planning Problems Bruno
PhD CS Buchfuhrer, David Isaac Limits on Computationally Efficient VCG-Based Mechanisms for Combinatorial Auctions and Public Projects Umans
MS CS de Goes, Fernando Ferrari An Optimal Transport Approach to Robust Reconstruction and Simplification of 2D Shapes Desbrun
MS CS Fefferman, William Jason On Quantum Computing and Pseudorandomness Kitaev, Umans
PhD BE Fuller, Sawyer Buckminster Steady as She Goes: Visual Autocorrelators and Antenna-Mediated Airspeed Feedback in the Control of Flight Dynamics in Fruit Flies and Robotics Murray, Dickinson
PhD MCE Hurtado Sepulveda , Daniel Esteban Multiscale Modeling of Microcrystalline Materials Ortiz
PhD CS Kapre, Nachiket Ganesh SPICE²: A Spatial, Parallel Architecture for Accelerating the Spice Circuit Simulator DeHon
PhD CDS Lamperski, Andrew G. Hierarchies, Spikes, and Hybrid Systems: Physiologically Inspired Control Problems Doyle
PhD CDS Lavaei, Javad Large-Scale Complex Systems: From Antenna Circuits to Power Grids Doyle, Murray
MS CS Lin, Minghong Algorithmic Issues in Green Data Centers Wierman
MS CS Liu, Zhenhua Greening Geographical Load Balancing Wierman, Low
PhD CDS Moore, Ashley Discrete Mechanics and Optimal Control for Space Trajectory Design Marsden, Murray
PhD CDS Nahmad Bensusan, Marcos Interpretation and Scaling of Positional Information During Development Stathopoulos, Doyle
PhD MCE Perotti, Luigi Emanuele Modeling the Behavior of Fiber Reinforced Sandwich Structures Subjected to Underwater Explosions Ortiz
PhD CS Pilotto, Concetta Systematic Design and Formal Verification of Multi-Agent Systems Chandy
PhD ACM Plan, Yaniv Compressed Sensing, Sparse Approximation, and Low-Rank Matrix Estimation Candes
PhD CDS Sen, Shaunak Regulatory Consequences of Bandpass Feedback in a Bacterial Phosphorelay Elowitz
PhD CDS Tao, Molei Multiscale Geometric Integration of Deterministic and Stochastic Systems Owhadi, Marsden
PhD ACM Vyetrenko, Svitlana S. Network Coding for Error Correction Ho
PhD EE Weng, Ching-Chih The Roles of Majorization and Generalized Triangular Decomposition in Communication and Signal Processing Vaidyanathan
PhD CS White, Jerome S. Applying Formal Methods to Distributed Algorithms Using Local-Global Relations Chandy
PhD CDS Buzi, Gentian Control Theoretic Analysis of Autocatalytic Networks in Biology with Applications to Glycolysis Doyle
PhD ACM Chu, Chia-Chieh Multiscale Methods for Elliptic Partial Differential Equations and Related Applications Hou
MS CS Crane, Keenan Michael Discrete Connections for Geometry Processing Schroeder, Desbrun
PhD CDS Du Toit, Philip Christopher Transport and Separatrices in Time-Dependent Flows Marsden
MS CS Florian, Mihai SCALE: Source Code Analyzer for Locating Errors Holzmann, Chandy
PhD CDS Gayme, Dennice F. Maynard A Robust Control Approach to Understanding Nonlinear Mechanisms in Shear Flow Turbulence Doyle
MS CS Gojman, Benjamin Algorithms and Techniques for Conquering Extreme Physical Variation in Bottom-Up Nanoscale Systems Desbrun, DeHon
MS CS Gopalakrishnan, Ragavendran An Architectural View of Game Theoretic Control Wierman
PhD CS Kharevych, Liliya Geometric Interpretation of Physical Systems for Improved Elasticity Simulations Desbrun, Schroeder
MS CS Liu, Annie Hsin-Wen Simulation and Implementation of Distributed Sensor Network for Radiation Detection Chandy
PhD MCE Wongpiromsarn, Tichakorn Formal Methods for Design and Verification of Embedded Control Systems: Application to an Autonomous Vehicle Murray
PhD EE Xu, Weiyu Compressive Sensing for Sparse Approximations: Constructions, Algorithms, and Analysis Hassibi
PhD CS Capponi, Agostino Credit Risk and Nonlinear Filtering: Computational Aspects and Empirical Evidence Cvitanić
PhD EE Chen, Scott Chun-Yang Signal Processing Algorithms for MIMO Radar Vaidyanathan
PhD MCE Hudson, Nicolas Henry Inference in Hybrid Systems with Applications in Neural Prosthetics Burdick
PhD CS Kalyanaraman, Shankar Limited Randomness in Games, and Computational Perspectives in Revealed Preference Umans
PhD ACM Li, Zhiyi High-Order Solution of Elliptic Partial Differential Equations in Domains Containing Conical Singularities Bruno
PhD ACM Lyon, Mark Edward High-Order Unconditionally-Stable FC-AD PDE Solvers for General Domains Bruno
PhD ACM Othmer, Jonathan Andrew Algorithms for Mapping Nucleic Acid Free Energy Landscapes Pierce
PhD CDS Shi, Ling Resource Optimization for Networked Estimator with Guaranteed Estimation Quality Murray
PhD ACM Stern, Ari Joshua Geometric Discretization of Lagrangian Mechanics and Field Theories Marsden, Desbrun
PhD AM Yogev, Or Computational Evolutionary Embryogeny Antonsson, Shapiro
PhD CS Angelova, Anelia Nedelcheva Visual Prediction of Rover Slip: Learning Algorithms and Field Experiments Matthies, Perona
MS CS Buchfuhrer, David Isaac The Complexity of Formula Minimization
PhD MCE Carson, John Maurice, III Robust Model Predictive Control with a Reactive Safety Mode Murray, MacMynowski, Acikmese
PhD ACM Donaldson, Roger David Discrete Geometric Homogenisation and Inverse Homogenisation of an Elliptic Operator Owhadi, Desbrun
PhD CS Fanti, Claudio Towards Automatic Discovery of Human Movemes Perona
PhD CDS Flores Contreras, Melvin Estuardo Real-Time Trajectory Generation for Constrained Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Using Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline Basis Functions Murray
PhD CS Gao, Xiaojie On A Capacitated Multivehicle Routing Problem Schulman
PhD CDS Grubits, Katalin Anna Low-Dimensional Representations of Transitions in Molecular Systems Marsden
PhD ACM Helgason, Hannes Nonparametric Detection and Estimation of Highly Oscillatory Signals Candes
PhD ACM Hoch, David Nonreflecting Boundary Conditions Obtained from Equivalent Sources for Time-Dependent Scattering Problems Bruno
PhD CS Jang, Wonjin Soft-Error Tolerant Quasi Delay-insensitive Circuits Martin
PhD CS Lin, Hsuan-Tien From Ordinal Ranking to Binary Classification Abu-Mostafa
PhD BE McHale, Kevin L. Feedback Tracking and Correlation Spectroscopy of Fluorescent Nanoparticles and Biomolecules Mabuchi
PhD ACM Monro, John Anderson A Super-Algebraically Convergent, Windowing-Based Approach to the Evaluation of Scattering from Periodic Rough Surfaces Bruno
PhD CS Naeimi, Helia Reliable Integration of Terascale Systems with Nanoscale Devices DeHon
MS CS Noblet, David Alexander MojaveComm: A View-Oriented Group Communication Protocol with Support for Virtual Synchrony Hickey
PhD CS Prakash, Piyush Throughput Optimization of Quasi Delay Insensitive Circuits via Slack Matching Martin
PhD CS Pratap, Amrit Adaptive Learning Algorithms and Data Cloning Abu-Mostafa
PhD ACM Sweatlock, Sarah Lynne Asymptotic Weight Analysis of Low-Density Parity Check (LDPC) Code Ensembles McEliece
PhD CE Taflanidis, Alexandros Angelos Stochastic System Design and Applications to Stochastically Robust Structural Control Beck
PhD ACM Tian, Lixiu Effective Behavior of Dielectric Elastomer Composites Bhattacharya
PhD ACM Wang, Ke A Subdivision Approach to the Construction of Smooth Differential Forms Schroeder
MS CS White, Jerome S. Receive Buffer Dynamics and OS Scheduling Hickey
MS CS Yang, Weiwei Discrete Mechanical Interpolation of Keyframes Desbrun
PhD ACM Bou-Rabee, Nawaf Mohammed Hamilton-Pontryagin Integrators on Lie Groups Marsden
PhD CDS Chen, Lijun Wireless Network Design and Control Doyle, Low
PhD ACM Dondl, Patrick Werner Structure and Evolution of Martensitic Phase Boundaries<p> Bhattacharya
MS CS Hu, Cheng Concurrent System Design Using Flow Low
PhD ACM Latini, Marco Simulations and Analysis of Two- and Three-Dimensional Single-Mode Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability using Weighted Essentially Non-Oscillatory and Vortex Methods Meiron, Schilling
PhD CDS Liu, Xin Robustness, Complexity, Validation and Risk Doyle
PhD CDS Martinez Estrada, Alfredo A Treatise on Econometric Forecasting Doyle
MS CS McKenzie, Alexander George HOLA: a High-Order Lie Advection of Discrete Differential Forms With Applications in Fluid Dynamics Desbrun
MS CS Mullen, Patrick Gary A Variational Approach to Eulerian Geometry Processing of Surfaces and Foliations Desbrun
PhD CDS Mysore, Shreesh Pranesh Structural Plasticity in Neuronal Networks Schuman, Quartz
MS CS Pilotto, Concetta Local-to-Global in Multi-Agent Systems Chandy
PhD Ae Rubel, Michael Thomas A Theory of Stationarity and Asymptotic Approach in Dissipative Systems Leonard
PhD Ae Sone, Kazuo Modeling and Simulation of Axisymmetric Stagnation Flames Dimotakis, Meiron
PhD CS Wei, Xiaoliang (David) Microscopic Behavior of Internet Congestion Control Low
PhD CS Yu, Xin Reflection and Its Application to Mechanized MetaReasoning About Programming Languages Hickey
PhD ACM Zhang, Lei Metric Based Upscaling for Partial Differential Equations with a Continuum of Scales Owhadi
MS CS Capponi, Agostino Estimation Problems in Sense and Respond Systems Chandy
PhD MCE Cremean, Lars Brör System Architectures and Environment Modeling for High-Speed Autonomous Navigation Murray
PhD ACM Demanet, Laurent Curvelets, Wave Atoms, and Wave Equations Candes
PhD ACM Goulet, David Michael Mathematical Models of the Developing C. elegans Hermaphrodite Gonad Sternberg, Cohen
MS CS Kalyanaraman, Shankar On Obtaining Pseudorandomness from Error-Correcting Codes Umans
MS CS Kapre, Nachiket Ganesh Packet-Switched On-Chip FPGA Overlay Networks DeHon
MS CS Kharevych, Liliya Circle Patterns Documentation 1.0 [Supplemental material for Masters thesis: Implementation of circle pattern parameterization (2006)] -- GO TO RELATED URL FOR FILES Schroeder
MS CS Kharevych, Liliya Implementation of Circle Pattern Parameterization Schroeder
MS CS Khorlin, Andrey Scheduling in Distributed Stream Processing Systems Chandy
PhD CS Li, Ling Data Complexity in Machine Learning and Novel Classification Algorithms Abu-Mostafa
PhD ACM Luo, Wuan Wiener Chaos Expansion and Numerical Solutions of Stochastic Partial Differential Equations Hou
MS CS Mehta, Nikil Time-Multiplexed FPGA Overlay Networks on Chip DeHon
PhD CS Papadantonakis, Karl Spyros Rigorous Analog Verification of Asynchronous Circuits Martin
MS CS Pongsajapan, John Optimization and Stability of TCP/IP with Delay-Sensitive Utility Functions Low
PhD CDS Shadden, Shawn Christopher A Dynamical Systems Approach to Unsteady Systems Marsden
PhD CDS Spanos, Demetri Polychronis Distributed Gradient Systems and Dynamic Coordination Murray
PhD ACM Strinopoulos, Theofilos Upscaling Immiscible Two-Phase Flows in an Adaptive Frame Hou
PhD EE Tang, Ao (Kevin) Heterogeneous Congestion Control Protocols Low
PhD CS Țăpuș, Cristian Distributed Speculations: Providing Fault-Tolerance and Improving Performance Hickey
MS CS Tian, Lu Resource Allocation in Streaming Environments Chandy
PhD CDS Wang, Jiantao A Theoretical Study of Internet Congestion Control: Equilibrium and Dynamics Doyle, Low
PhD Ae Zielonka, Matias Gabriel Configurational Forces and Variational Mesh Adaption in Solid Dynamics Ortiz
PhD CDS Bhat, Harish Subrahmanya Lagrangian Averaging, Nonlinear Waves, and Shock Regularization Marsden
PhD Ae Chatelain, Philippe Contributions to the Three-Dimensional Vortex Element Method and Spinning Bluff Body Flows Leonard
PhD CDS Del Vecchio, Domitilla State Estimation in Multi-Agent Decision and Control Systems Murray, Perona
MS CS deLorimier, Michael John Floating-Point Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiply for FPGAs DeHon
MS CS Elcott, Sharif Mohamed Discrete, Circulation-Preserving, and Stable Simplicial Fluids Schroeder
PhD CS Friedel, Ilja Heinrich Approximation of Surfaces by Normal Meshes Schroeder
PhD Ae Fung, Jimmy Coarse Analysis of Multiscale Systems: Diffuser Flows, Charged Particle Motion, and Connections to Averaging Theory Murray, Marsden
PhD CS Gavriliu, Marcel Towards More Efficient Interval Analysis: Corner Forms and a Remainder Interval Newton Method Barr
MS CS Gray, Nathaniel Asoka High-Confidence, Modular Compiler Development in a Formal Environment Hickey
PhD CDS Gregory, Irene Michelle Design and Stability Analysis of an Integrated Controller for Highly Flexible Advanced Aircraft Utilizing the Novel Nonlinear Dynamic Inversion Doyle
PhD Ae Kowalewsky, Olga Theory of Complex Lattice Quasicontinuum and Its Application to Ferroelectrics Ortiz
MS CS Lin, Hsuan-Tien Infinite Ensemble Learning with Support Vector Machines Abu-Mostafa
PhD CS Litke, Nathan Jacob Variational Methods in Surface Parameterization Schroeder
MS CS Naeimi, Helia A Greedy Algorithm for Tolerating Defective Crosspoints in NanoPLA Design DeHon
PhD CDS Papachristodoulou, Antonis Scalable Analysis of Nonlinear Systems Using Convex Optimization Doyle
PhD CDS Prajna, Stephen Optimization-Based Methods for Nonlinear and Hybrid Systems Verification Doyle
MS CS Prakash, Piyush Slack Matching Martin
PhD ACM Stredie, Valentin Gabriel Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Aquatic and Aerial Animal Locomotion Hou
PhD ACM Westhead, Andrew Neil Upscaling for Two-Phase Flows in Porous Media Hou
PhD ACM Yu, Xinwei Localized Non-bBlowup Conditions for 3D Incompressible Euler Flows and Related Equations Hou
MS CS Angelova, Anelia Nedelcheva Data Pruning Perona
PhD Ae Bobba, Kumar Manoj Robust Flow Stability: Theory, Computations and Experiments in Near Wall Turbulence Doyle, Gharib
PhD ACM Camp, Charles David Temporal and Spatial Patterns of the Interannual Variability of Stratospheric Ozone and Dynamics Yung
PhD ACM Chaubell, Mario Julián Low-Coherence Interferometric Imaging: Solution of the One-Dimensional Inverse Scattering Problem Bruno
PhD CDS Dunbar, William Bruce Distributed Receding Horizon Control of Multiagent Systems Murray
MS CS Fanti, Claudio An Improved Scheme for Detection and Labeling in Johansson Displays Perona
MS CS Gao, Xiaojie Router Congestion Control Schulman
PhD CDS Leok, Melvin Foundations of Computational Geometric Mechanics Marsden
PhD Ae Malhotra, Sanjeev On Combustion Instability in Solid Rocket Motors Culick
PhD CS Meyer, Mark Discrete Differential Operators for Computer Graphics Barr
PhD Ae O'Gorman, Paul Ambrose Theory and Simulation of Passive Scalar Mixing in the Presence of a Mean Scalar Gradient Pullin
PhD Ae O'Reilly, Gerard Kieran Compressible Vortices and Shock-Vortex Interactions Pullin
MS CS Pratap, Amrit Maximum Drawdown of a Brownian Motion and AlphaBoost: a Boosting Algorithm Abu-Mostafa
PhD CDS Ross, Shane David Cylindrical Manifolds and Tube Dynamics in the Restricted Three-Body Problem Marsden
PhD CS Schkolne, Steven 3-D Interfaces for Spatial Construction Schroeder
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MS CS Smith, Justin David Fault Tolerance Using Whole-Process Migration and Speculative Execution Hickey
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