In addition to its research and educational missions, the CMS Department seeks to impact the world outside of academia through a variety of outreach programs. Via public outreach programs, CMS seeks to stimulate the public’s fascination and curiosity with the possibilities of computing and mathematical sciences. Via community outreach programs, CMS seeks to engage the next generation of scientists and engineers, fighting stereotypes and improving diversity. Via corporate outreach, CMS seeks to engage startups, companies, and nonprofits in meaningful collaborations, both enabling new research and ensuring that the technologies developed at Caltech make the leap beyond academia.

Partners Program

CMS Partners Program

The CMS Partners program provides opportunities for individuals, startups, and companies to engage with Caltech Computing and Mathematical Sciences faculty and researchers in order to support educational and outreach programs and to initiate research collaborations. Furthermore, the Partners Program provides ways for companies to meaningfully engage with undergraduate and graduate students through course projects, collaborative research, and mentorship.

Public Outreach

Public Outreach

Through public outreach, we aim to reach a broader audience and increase awareness and excitement about the role computing and mathematical sciences plays in society.

Local Outreach

Local Outreach

CMS students and faculty are passionate about passing their knowledge and expertise to the next generation.They are an active and ingenious bunch. Some of the more prominent clubs and activities run by the students include UGCS, the Robotics team, Hacktech, and Robogals. They also participate in a variety of programs with K-12 students in the LA area, including tutoring and classroom visits in local schools and on-campus programs.

All of these outreach programs are supported by funding from our new CMS Partners Program, which provides individuals, startups, and companies with a way to engage with and support students, faculty, and researchers.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Department of Computing and Mathematical Sciences is dedicated to the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are a community that values and celebrates differences among our members and we strive to create an equitable and inclusive environment for people of all backgrounds. We value working in an environment that is diverse in terms of identity (this includes, for example, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability status, neurotypicality status, socioeconomic status, culture and family background, religion, political party affiliation, immigration status, nontraditional students, parental status, and first-generation students) and also in terms of perspectives and ideas. We strive to ensure that all members of the community, regardless of identity, be equally empowered to achieve academic and research success.