Bill Gates Visits Caltech

Microsoft founder and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates visited Caltech on October 20, 2017 to learn about research being conducted in several labs on campus, to catch up with former Harvard classmate Caltech president Thomas Rosenbaum, and to participate in a question-and-answer session with Caltech students moderated by Professor of English and Dean of Undergraduate Students Kevin Gilmartin.

"We all want to be young again, but I've rarely been as envious of young people as I was during my recent visit to Caltech," Gates wrote in his blog, GatesNotes. "Touring the campus, I was struck by what an amazing time it is to be a student at an institution like Caltech. In every field—from engineering and biology to chemistry and computer science—I learned about phenomenal research underway to improve our health, find new energy sources, and make the world a better place." [Bill Gates Blog]

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