Get Involved

Whether you are a world-class computer scientist, a math buff with a fascination for numerics, or just plain curious, our CMS Department offers many ways for you to learn and explore new ideas, to advance technology, and to support science and education.


Consider coming to Caltech's upcoming events that include talks, science movies, and other public events on our campus throughout the year. If an event sounds particularly interesting, bring a friend! And feel free to email if one of our CMS events strikes your fancy.


CMS builds upon a long history of industry collaborations; in fact, our faculty include founders and board members of technology companies created as a result of their research. You can help us impact the world by speeding up technology transfer: private donors and technology leaders (as well as companies and individuals who participate in our Partners Program come to us to learn about our research, to recruit talented graduate students, and to explore collaborations with our faculty, who thrive on innovating solutions with real-world impact. By providing access to bleeding-edge results and an exceptionally talented student body, CMS offers an exciting environment for you to tap into.


You can also support the Department and accelerate the pace of innovation in a number of ways. The Partners Program is designed to support both educational, research, and outreach activities, while also facilitating engagement with students and faculty in the Department. Beyond the Partners Program, gifts in the form of a named endowment for graduate and postdoctoral fellowships, SURF scholarships, and support for student activities such as UGCS, RoboGals, the Robotics club, the ACM Programming team, and more can help students to follow their passions. These young scholars are a crucial part of the CMS fabric, and they go on to hold influential positions the world over. Support for education in the form of gifts or endowments is also crucial to help us maintain the high-quality environment we strive to offer to our students. Finally, annually funded gifts are crucial to help us today while we build our endowments for the future.

Every gift matters! The generosity of friends and alumni supports CMS's priority areas:

  • Faculty excellence: Recruiting and retaining the finest faculty.
  • Graduate student excellence: Attracting the best graduate student,s and giving them the freedom to innovate.
  • Undergraduate student excellence: Further enhancing the undergraduate experience in computing.
  • Innovation and leadership: Facilitating special initiatives in education and research to impact the world.
  • World-class research:Developing foundational algorithmic and computational tools which have impact that resonates across science and engineering.

Contact for further information.