CMX Student/Postdoc Seminar

Friday February 12, 2021 1:00 PM

Interpolated Factored Green Function method for accelerated solution of scattering problems

Speaker: Christoph Bauinger, Applied and Computational Mathematics, Caltech
Location: Online Event

The Interpolated Factored Green Function method (IFGF) is a novel method for the accelerated evaluation of discrete

integral operators in scattering theory. The IFGF algorithm

evaluates the action of Green function-based discrete integral operators at a

cost of O(N log N) operations for an N-point surface

mesh. The method capitalizes on slow variations inherent in a certain

Green function analytic factor and which therefore allows for accelerated

evaluation of fields produced by groups of sources based on a

recursive application of classical interpolation methods resulting in an algorithm which can be implemented easily and efficiently. Unlike

other approaches, the IFGF method does not utilize the Fast Fourier

Transform (FFT), special-function expansions, high-dimensional linear-algebra factorizations, translation operators, equivalent sources, or parabolic scaling.

The efficiency of the algorithm in terms of memory and

speed is illustrated by means of a variety of numerical


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