Tuesday January 30, 2018 12:00 PM

The Growing Role for Artificial intelligence for Space Exploration and the Search for Life Beyond Earth

Speaker: Steve Chien, JPL
Location: Annenberg 105

Artificial Intelligence is playing an increasing role in our everyday lives and the business marketplace.  This trend extends to the space sector, where AI has already shown considerable success and has the potential to revolutionize almost every aspect of space exploration.
    I first highlight a number of success stories of the tremendous impact of Artificial Intelligence in Space:  over a dozen years of operations of the Autonomous Sciencecraft on EO-1, the Earth Observing Sensorweb tracking volcanoes, flooding and wildfires and automated targeting onboard the MSL Curiosity rover.
   Next I describe several search and optimization formulations of space planning and scheduling problems: data management for spacecraft, coverage scheduling for a non agile instruments, and mapping for agile instruments.
  Finally I discuss why AI is critical to search for life beyond Earth, highlighting the role of AI in Europa Submersible and Interstellar mission concepts.

Series IST Lunch Bunch

Contact: Diane Goodfellow