CD3 Seminar

Tuesday December 5, 2017 11:00 AM

Large-Scale Data Science

Speaker: Fabian Gieseke, Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen
Location: Powell-Booth 100 (Seminar Room)
Abstract: The field of data science has gained considerable attention over the past years. One reason for this phenomenon is the fact that the data volumes in various domains have increased dramatically. This is the case, for instance, in astronomy, where current projects produce data volumes in the terabyte range. Upcoming ones will produce such data volumes per week, day, or even per hour. A similar "data flood" can be observed in many other disciplines including medicine, finance, energy systems, or remote sensing. In most cases, the sheer data volumes render a manual analysis impossible. Data science techniques aim at extracting knowledge in an automatic manner and have been identified as one of the key drivers for new discoveries and innovation. I will give a quick introduction to large-scale data science and will also sketch some applications in the fields of astronomy and remote sensing including photometric redshift estimation, transient detection via deep learning, and change detection via high-performance computing.. Short Bio: Fabian Gieseke is a Computer and Data Scientist and applies novel methods to a variety of fields

Contact: Tracy Sheffer at 4116