Computing and Mathematical Sciences Tech Talk Series

Monday November 6, 2017 6:00 PM

Facebook: Instagram Machine Learning

Location: Annenberg 105

In collaboration with CMS and Caltech Career Services, Facebook Engineers will be providing an introduction to Instagram Growth Engineering team and deep dive into how we are using advanced ML techniques to retain and grow Instagram community of users. More specifically they will go over "Account Recommendation" and "Personalized Notification Experience".

Engineers' Bio's:
Sumit Taank is part of Engineering Leadership team on Instagram. Over the years he has supported various product teams that leverage Machine Learning, Data Mining, and Information Retrieval to deliver value to the users. In his current role at Instagram, he supports the Growth Engineering team that focuses on accelerating the growth of Instagram user community. Previous to this he was the co-founder of the topical search engine Right Relevance and also part of the team that reinvented e-commerce search for WalmartLabs.

Paritosh Aggarwal is a software engineer at Instagram, where he leads the team focusing on notification relevance and quality. He has previously worked on Facebook Ads, where he worked on the realtime analytics data for Facebook advertisers. Prior to that, Paritosh pursued his MS from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, focusing on Machine Learning and NLP. He is originally from New Delhi, India where he pursued his undergraduate degree in Computer Science at University of Delhi.

Yang Pei is a software engineer at Instagram growth ranking team, where he works on the user recommendation system. Prior to that, Yang pursued his MS from University of California, Los Angeles, focusing on Machine Learning. He is originally from China where he pursued his undergraduate degree in Software Engineer at Biehang University.

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