Smart Grid Seminar

Tuesday March 21, 2017 12:00 PM

Data-driven power system modelling: identification/validation of power system dynamic model from PMU measurements

Speaker: Janusz Bialek, Director of Skoltech Center for Energy Systems, Skoltech
Location: Annenberg 213

Phase Measurement Units (PMUs) provide GPS-synchronized measurements of electrical quantities (voltage, frequency, power) taken at high frequency hence making it possible to monitor power system dynamics.  This presentation will show research at Skoltech aimed at utilizing PMUs for identification/validation of power system dynamic model. First a hybrid measurement- and model-based method will be presented which can estimate the dynamic state Jacobian matrix and the dynamic system state matrix in near real-time utilizing statistical properties extracted from PMU measurements. The proposed method can be used to detect and identify network topology changes that have not been reflected in an assumed network model. Secondly a methodology will be presented to estimate inertia and damping of generators using the values of dynamic modes and mode shapes calculated from PMU measurements.

Series Smart Grid Seminar

Contact: Daniel Guo