Computing and Mathematical Sciences Colloquium

Monday October 24, 2016 4:00 PM

Next Generation Computer Simulations for Multi-Scale and Multi-Physics Electromagnetic Applications

Speaker: Professor Jin-Fa Lee, ElectroScience Lab., ECE Dept. College of Engineering, The Ohio State University
Location: Annenberg 105

Real life electromagnetic applications are often multi-disciplinary and multi-scale in nature. Examples include: antennas placements on large platforms, phased array with thermal consideration, signal integrity in integrated circuits and packages, nano-electronic modeling, to name just a few. However, existing computer-aided-engineering technologies, numerical methods and commercial software have been shown inadequate for solving these new emerging engineering problems. It is, therefore, of paramount importance to research and develop new novel computational techniques to address these interesting and challenging applications effectively.

This seminar mainly details the current on-going research projects on multi-physics and multi-scale computations conducted within the author's group. Specifically, the following subjects will be discussed fully:
•    Multi-scale electromagnetic computations using non-conformal numerical methods for finite elements and integral equations. Specifically, for integral equation methods for computational electromagnetic (CEM), we shall discuss newly developed reverse operation self-consistent evaluation (ROSE) and quadrature by expansion (QBX) techniques to evaluate integrals involving hyper-singular kernels.
•    Multi-physics modeling of exotic materials, such as self-biased nano-ferromagnetic wires, electromagnetic metamaterials, and multi-layered absorbing skin for UAVs, via the use of a heterogeneous multi-scale finite element method, homogenization theory, and the multi-solver domain decomposition method;
•    Modeling of co-site EMC/EMI effects of multiple antennas on a detailed mock-up fighter jet. Additionally, the electromagnetic interference (EMI) of an electronic circuit, enclosed within a large platform, due to an external electromagnetic wave will also be studied.
•    Analyses of signal and power integrities, including the conductor loss, in ICs and packages; together with the thermal aware DC-IR-drop co-simulations in both time and frequency domains.

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