New Media Art Exhibition

Monday March 14, 2016 6:30 PM
Location: Jorgensen Lobby

Students in Professor Hillary Mushkin's media arts seminar (E/H/Art 89, "New Media Arts in the 20th and 21st Centuries") will put on a unique exhibition highlighting art and engineering.

The course provides a platform for an expanded understanding of engineering and an active, project-based engagement with art history. Projects this year include Interactive art, social media art, electronic art, and engineered art.

The exhibit is free and open to all; no tickets or reservations are required.

E/H/Art 89 Students
  • Kalyn Chang
  • Caitlin Chen  
  • Jessica Cheng
  • Sith Domrongkitchaiporn
  • Edward Fouad
  • Daniel Gomez
  • Jeana Hayashigawa
  • Janice Jeon
  • Chengyi Lee
  • Alex Lew
  • Juan Diego Palomino
  • Stephanie Reyes
  • Tatiana Roy
  • Becky Tang
  • Parker  Won
  • Jerry Zhang

Contact: Hillary Mushkin