IST Lunch Bunch

Tuesday January 26, 2016 12:00 PM

Quantum Computing: Transforming the Digital Age

Speaker: Krysta Svore, Microsoft Research, Redmond
Location: Annenberg 105

In 1981, Richard Feynman proposed a device called a "quantum computer" to take advantage of the laws of quantum physics to achieve computational speed-ups over classical methods. Quantum computing promises to revolutionize how we compute.  Over the course of three decades, quantum algorithms have been developed that offer fast solutions to problems in a variety of fields including number theory, optimization, chemistry, physics, and materials science.  Quantum devices have also significantly advanced such that components of a scalable quantum computer have been demonstrated in a variety of quantum systems.  I will attempt to reveal some of the mysteries of this disruptive computational paradigm. I will showcase recent advances in quantum algorithms for real-world applications and in scalable, programmable, fault-tolerant quantum devices.

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