Quantum Summit

Wednesday January 27, 2016 9:00 AM
Location: Ramo Auditorium

Please join us for a celebration of Richard Feynman's vision and a glimpse of our mind-bending quantum future.

As foreseen by Richard Feynman over 30 years ago, a revolution is now unfolding in quantum science. Budding capabilities for controlling quantum systems are paving the way for transformative technologies, and emerging insights into the weird properties of quantum entanglement are spawning new paradigms for understanding nature.

In this day-long summit, leaders of science and industry come together to discuss the future of science and technology at the quantum frontier.

Speakers include:

  • Jason Alicea (Caltech)
  • Ray Beausoleil (HP Laboratories)
  • Parsa Bonderson (Microsoft Station Q)
  • James Clarke (Intel)
  • Jay Gambetta (IBM)
  • Raymond Laflamme (Institute for Quantum Computing)
  • John Martinis (Google)
  • Hartmut Neven (Google)
  • Oskar Painter (Caltech)
  • Krysta Svore (Microsoft Research)
  • David Wineland (NIST)

Panel discussion moderated by Jennifer Ouellette, author and Senior Science Editor, Gizmodo.com

This event is free and open to the pubic. Registration is encouraged.

Learn more at http://www.oneentangledevening.iqim.caltech.edu/qs.html.

The event is cosponsored by the Kavli Foundation.

Learn about the evening public event, One Entangled Evening: A Celebration of Richard Feynman's Quantum Legacy, on Tuesday, January 26

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Contact: Marcia Brown at (626) 395-4652 marciab@caltech.edu
For more information visit: http://www.oneentangledevening.iqim.caltech.edu/qs.html