Electrical Engineering Symposium

Saturday January 30, 2016 8:00 AM

This one-day symposium is an opportunity to learn more about the ways Electrical Engineering (EE) at Caltech continues to be on the forefront of inventing the future by providing a strong blend of research and teaching. It is also a great occasion to reconnect with your classmates, as well as meet new alumni, faculty, students, post doctoral scholars, and staff. The event will include research presentations and laboratory tours, as well as a reception and dinner. Furthermore, we will take the time to reflect back and honor the late Professor R. David Middlebrook and his contributions to EE over many decades of educating and training today's leaders

Contact: Carol Sosnowski at x8462 casosnow@caltech.edu
For more information visit: http://ee.caltech.edu/ee_symposium_2016