IQIM Postdoctoral and Graduate Student Seminar

Friday October 24, 2014 4:30 PM

Attosecond Electron Control

Speaker: Mohammed Tharwat Hassan, Zewail group, Caltech
Location: East Bridge 114


In the absence of attosecond laser pulses, which could directly drive bound electron motion with attosecond precision-just as femtosecond pulses induce and drive femtosecond polarization in atoms, molecules and solids-ultrafast science relied upon the extreme nonlinearity of strong field ionization of matter in order to attain attosecond temporal resolution [1] and to capture electrons in motion [2].

Here we demonstrate synthesis, control and measurement  of isolated, intense optical attosecond pulse [3], that combine the photon flux of few cycle laser pulses, the resolution and temporal confinement an attosecond EUV pulse , and the controllability of a light transient [4],[5]. We will show that we can use it to drive the attosecond nonlinear motion of electrons in the valence shell of atoms and to demonstrate generic principles of attosecond coherent control at optical frequencies for the first time. This tool will offer the possibility to directly transfer the principles of nonlinear optics and spectroscopy to the attosecond time domain, opening up the era of attosecond nonlinear optics.


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