Applied Physics Seminar

Tuesday February 18, 2014 4:00 PM

From Force and Torque Sensing To The Quantum Harmonic Oscillator...Using Optomechanical Springs

Speaker: John Davis, University of Alberta
Location: Watson 104

At the University of Alberta we have recently built a laboratory for studying physics combining nanomechanics and ultra-low temperatures.  In particular we are using dimpled tapered optical fibers to measure various cavity optomechanical resonators, both at room temperature and inside a dilution refrigerator.  Our goal is to develop these devices as torque and force measurement platforms for other physical systems (like nanomagnetism and nanoscale superconductivity), as well as explore their quantum properties at low temperatures.  I will discuss the various optomechanical resonators we are exploring as well as our recent results towards these goals.  If time permits, I will also briefly give a taste of some work we have been performing on ultrasonics of quantum fluids confined to the microscale. 

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Contact: Christy Jenstad at 8124