Resnick Institute Seminar

Thursday December 5, 2013 3:30 PM

Resnick Fellows Xin Ning on "Shape-Adaptive Ultra-Lightweight Solar Concentrators" and Yiyang Liu on "Synthesis of Commodity Chemicals From Renewable Fatty Acids"

Location: Spalding Laboratory 106 (Hartley Memorial Seminar Room)


Please join us as Resnick Graduate Research Fellows Xin Ning and Yiyang Liu give seminars on their projects.

Xin Ning: Shape-Adaptive Ultra-Lightweight Solar Concentrators 

Yiyang Liu: Synthesis of Commodity Chemicals From Renewable Fatty Acids

Abstracts Available online:

All are welcome to attend!

Refreshments before seminar starting at 3PM in room 113.

Series Resnick Institute Seminar Series

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