Special Seminar in Applied Mathematics

Monday September 23, 2013 4:00 PM

Mathematical Theories on Linear and Nonlinear Wave Motions in Viscous Compressible Fluid

Speaker: Professor Shih-Hsien Yu, Department of Mathematics , National University of Singapore
Location: Annenberg 107

In this talk we will briefly review the mathematical theories on the compressible viscous fluid developed in terms of pointwise structure of the wave propagators. The mathematical compressible viscous fluids include conservation laws with artificial viscosity, compressible Navier-Stokes equations, Boltzmann equations, and Lax-Friendrichs scheme. One interest is on constructing the wave propagators around the far fields and use it to construct  the nonlinear waves scattering theory over a shock layer for planar wave perturbation; and one can use the wave propagators to construct the invariant manifolds for the Boltzmann equation and study the bifurcation problems of the condensation-evaporation problem for the Boltzmann equation in a half space domain. This condensation-evaporation problem was introduced by Y. Sone to develop the general approximation to the boundary value problem for the Boltzmann equation.

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